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Res Career

Our Consultants has trained her professional personnel networks across a broad range of industries including Audio & Video, Household Appliance, Semi-conductor, Telecommunication, Toys, Building Service, Sales & Marketing, Information Technology, Garment, Sundries, Footwear, Hospitality and Banking industries.With our in-depth capacity to adapt to the ever-changing market movement, we are proud to have built up the strong and lasting relationships with most of the leading companies in different industries.



Our mission is to present the best talents to our clients including Fortune 500 and multinational companies, China listed organizations, small & medium sized enterprises, and help job seekers to find their dream job covering following sectors:

- Finance (banking, insurance, securities, fund, trust, future, venture capital and private equity investment)
- Technology (computer hardware, software services, e-commerce, Internet, telecom, as well as electrical and electronic) 
- Chemical (Petroleum industry, chemical, metallurgy and raw materials) 
- Consumer goods (food, beverages, cosmetics, clothing and consumer electronics) 
- Service (professional service, consulting, real estate and retail) 
- Other industries 

Res Career is one of the leading executive search consulting firms in Shenzhen.

We have a team of well-trained consultants, combined with systematic data management capabilities, allow us to maintain an extensive, high quality network of human resources, to serve the changing needs of our clients.

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